We Are ZRMedia

ZR Media was established in November 2009. We started with six individuals looking to build a company. Although we never dreamed of it becoming this large
– with over 60 employees in 3 different offices – we now believe the sky is the limit!

Our offices are located in Sunny South Florida. Although many team members are spread throughout the US, everyone at ZR Media works closely together with a common goal of success. This team attitude has helped us build the successful business we have become.

Reach your Goals

ZR Media provides various marketing services in helping our clients effectively reach their target consumers, maximizing their return on investment. Our goal is to provide our clients customers rather than simply leads, focusing on a continuing relationship rather than a single transaction.

Delivered Results

When you work with ZR Media, you’re in good company. We have represented hundreds of companies who have trusted us with their brands. From web-based leads to call center sales, ZR Media delivers results.

Center of Attention

Every business wants to be the center of attention, and ZR Media promises to put you right in the middle. We have the resources to ensure that audiences take notice of your display advertisements. We develop attractive creative campaigns that are eye catching and well suited to each of your customers’ needs.
  • "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."Inspiration does not come from the quote itself, but rather the person behind it.

Our Services

Every business wants to be the center of attention, and ZR Media promises to put you right in the middle. We have the resources to ensure that audiences take notice of your display advertisements. We develop attractive creative campaigns that are eye catching and well suited to each of your customers’ needs.

To do this, we take into account the users’ demographics, region, and online behavior, ensuring your display advertisements are seen by the right people who will make the leap from lead to loyal consumer. ZR Media works with various different search engines and social networking sites on a cost per impression basis. We will design attractive creative campaigns that are well suited to each of your customers’ needs. Like you, we want the leads to turn into customers. Our goal is to help you get the conversions you desire at a great rate!

Email Marketing

Are you in the market for an effective yet affordable email campaign? ZR Media has an experienced marketing team that is more than qualified to develop unique creative that promises to yield maximum results at minimum cost. Our targeted messaging cuts through the clutter and provides your prospective clients with only the most relevant and informative content. In addition to fine-tuning creative, ZR Media oversees your email marketing campaign from beginning to end. We provide full campaign reporting including number of messages sent, number of messages bounced, and detailed open and click-through tracking. Then ZR Media optimizes your subject line and creative to make sure the creative performs properly.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are household names, and lacking a presence on these social media giants is no longer an option. Our team at Social Focus has extensive experience in account creation and design customization on these networks. We also offer a monthly social media management package that will help you manage and grow your networks on these communities. Please contact us for our social media design & social media management rates. Keep your finger on the pulse of social media marketing and keep your brand consistent with the help of our expert design and marketing team.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another incredible service we are able to offer here at ZR Media. Our incredible affiliate marketing services are second to none. As one of the leaders in the industry, ZR Media has a network that will make a dramatic difference in your business’ revenue. We have created a boutique network with the industry’s top affiliates and campaigns. And our exclusive publishers are provided a steady stream of high performing offers that have been pretested internally and externally, eliminating the need to search and pull offers from other networks. Our exclusive publisher network has grown primarily from our established relationships in publishing and distribution. With ZR Media, there is no need to worry over the data. The data and lists we provide are automatically scrubbed, the creative is secured and it’s all done in a compliant process to avoid any issues down the line. We vouch for all of our affiliates. In fact, they have all undergone an extensive screening process to ensure your offers are going out to the most qualified sources.

Call Center Solutions

Just call ZR Media the great communicator. In most cases, companies are forced to go to an outside source to address their call center needs. But ZR Media has the resources to meet all of your needs under one roof. We own and operate US-based call centers staffed by highly-trained representatives. ZR Media’s technology services include calling verified leads, hot transferring calls, setting appointments and delivering new customers. Our marketing professionals use the appropriate mediums to generate interest in your product or service, and we have our call center personnel waiting in the wings, acting as the next point of contact to close the deal. ZR Media’s call center facilities have state-of-the-art technology which digitally records all calls from beginning to end. Recordings are kept on file for total compliance. ZR Media creates an effective script to suit your individual and business needs, as well as your direct marketing goals. Once we’ve received your approval, success is just a call away.

Lead Generation

Are you selling a business to business product? Do you have a business to consumer product? Are you running an email marketing or telemarketing campaign? Are you looking to boost your customer base? If so, let ZR Media lead the way. Using our proprietary portfolio of lead generation products, we’re able to successfully target the specific consumer you’re looking to reach — whether it’s a 19-year-old male looking to go to college in California or a married mother-of-three-children living in Ohio looking for children’s books. From acquiring email addresses to creating email marketing campaigns to converting audiences to customers, ZR Media can handle all of your lead generation needs. ZR Media has a team of veteran marketing professionals to ensure your campaign garners optimum results, turning high-quality leads into loyal customers. We guarantee that we’ll get your product in front of the right sets of eyes without wasting your time or your money.

Search Marketing

The search isn’t over — it’s just beginning. If you’d like assistance with your search marketing endeavors, ZR Media is the only company you’ll ever need. At ZR Media we specialize in integrated, customized search marketing campaigns that yield high volume traffic that transitions into paying customers. Our account managers are highly trained and Google Adwords Certified so they’re well-equipped to make your efforts a success. ZR Media works on a pay-per-click basis and monitors the performance of your campaign using only the highest-quality analytical software. We have long-standing relationships with the big three search engines — Google, Yahoo and MSN — as well as a number of second-tier search engines. These partnerships enable us to effectively monitor your campaigns and ensure they’re performing at their fullest potential.

Data Monetization

Who doesn’t love found money? That’s just what ZR Media will do for your company by taking an existing product and generating incremental revenue using the current customer database. Most clients fail to realize that there are additional streams of revenue that can be made by utilizing existing resources. ZR Media has the ability to deliver targeted, branded advertisements to your customer files, thereby bringing in millions of dollars in additional revenue that goes straight to the bottom line. Using list management and by marketing to the existing database, ZR Media creates third party offers that generate revenue which can then be allocated toward your media spend – in other words, more money for your marketing endeavors. This results in a boost to the customer base and a bigger profit margin for your company.

Why Choose Us

Advanced Tools

ZR Media partners with companies that produce advanced tools and software related to the media industry.We use cutting-edge software and apps for monitoring the Internet for relevant conversations.

Industry Knowledge

ZR Media has access to the latest features and advancements from industry insiders, allowing us to provide cutting-edge tactics for your media program.


ZR Media has a full team of social media professionals, experienced in numerous social networks and passionate about developing comprehensive conversation strategy for our clients.

Integrated Strategic Approach

A major benefit of working with an internet marketing agency such as ZR Media is that we know that social media affects your full online marketing strategy.

Cost Benefit

Most ZR Media clients have run a cost benefit analysis prior to deciding on an agency solution versus an internal solution for their social media strategy.

Measuring Performance

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of all online media metrics and detailed methods for evaluating the performance of campaigns. We do a lot more than just provide reports.

Contact Us

ZR Media is a Creative-Take Notice Internet Marketing Agency that works as an extension to your company. We provide Social Media Management, Marketing, Email, lead Gen, Web Development, SEO, Graphic Design and Much More. Contact us to chat about your ideas and needs.

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